Frases para e-mail em Inglês que podem ajudar #3 (efetuando verificações).

As frases abaixo podem ser úteis para verificar acerca do conteúdo de um e-mail, como dúvidas sobre anexos, sobre o que o remetente do e-mail quer dizer, esclarecendo algum ponto anterior e o fechamento de um e-mail do tipo.

Problemas técnicos:
Did you get my last message sent on …?
Sorry, you forgot to attach the file. Can you send it again?
I got your email, but I can’t open the attachment.
Did you mean to send this? I don’t want to open it in case it’s got a virus.

Pedindo esclarecimentos:
I’m not sure what you meant by …? could you clarify?
Which … do you mean?
I don’t understand this point. Can you explain in a little more detail?
Are you sure about that?

Dando esclarecimentos:
Sorry, what I meant was …, not …
I thought …, but I may be wrong.
I’ll check and get back to you.
The correct information is given below. Please amend your records accordingly.
Sorry, forget my last email. You’re right.

Possíveis frases para fechar o e-mail:
I hope this clarifies the situation.
Get back to me if there’s anything else.



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